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Ms. Kathy Cox
State Superintendent of Schools
Georgia Department of Education
2066 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-5001

Dear Superintendent Cox,

The early educational experience our children realize today will mold and shape their character for the future. Therefore, it is critical to provide our kids with the necessary tools to learn how to learn and to enjoy this enlightening process. I am very lucky to have had found such a tool, the Tomatis Therapy. The Tomatis therapy turned around 180 degrees the learning experience of my son F.
F is 7 years old and in the 1st grade. At the beginning of the school term, October 2004, F.’s teacher called a parent- teacher conference. During this conference, F.’s teacher expressed her concern that F. was simply not learning. He was not listening, could not follow the discussion and instruction in class and was on the way to developing a role as the class clown or trouble maker. I was shocked and alarmed and then proceeded to drag F. from therapist to therapist. However, no one could neither address nor recognize a problem. But then, a friend of the family, a primary school teacher, asked if I had ever heard of the Tomatis Therapy. To make a Iong story short, after a bit of research, which generated a lot of questions, I found a center near Frankfurt. I brought F. for an analysis and evaluation. The appointment was interesting and the therapist Ms. Monika Warner made a comprehensive assessment of F. Ms. Warner sketched-out the broad medical background of F. and brought correlation to facts concerning F.’s auditory perception difficulty and his inability to decipher, remember and reproduce written words. I was impressed, however, a bit sceptical. The process of the therapy was extremely intensive, considering I have 4 children, work, and not so much free time I was at first hesitant; however, this was more important than anything.
The therapy commenced. I was pleased F. never complained. He actually Iooked forward to every therapy session. And, as if “out of thin air”, F. started to read! It was amazing, as if he had been waiting for the letters and words to make sense in his brain! Now, after just a few months, F.’s performance in school has accelerated, he completes his homework and Iooks forward to going to school. This is not the same child!!! The Tomatis Therapy truly worked a wonder as rare as I am concerned. This is also the opinion of friends, relatives, and his teacher. This sounds very dramatic, but it is reality.
This testimonial is a true and sincere statement of how this therapy and especially the qualified therapist, Monika Warner, literally changed the life of my son F. I am extremely grateful as well as supportive of any and every initiative Ms. Warner seeks to increase the awareness and utilization of the Tomatis Therapy. There are many issues confronting young people today. Providing our kids with the proper tools to think clear and learn will ensure a better future for everyone.

Junge, 7Jahre, 1. Klasse,
Zu Beginn der Behandlung fiel T. auf durch Schul- und Lernverweigerung, schlechte Auffassungsgabe, Konzentrationsmangel, Unfähigkeit lesen zu lernen, Verhaltensauffälligkeit
Therapiebericht einer Mutter an die Schulbehörde Atlanta, Ga., USA

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